Monday, 30 March 2020


Good morning!
Task for 5th and 6th grade
Today you have to do one reading comprehension in the google classroom.
I'll publish the solutions later  👀

Solutions questions 5th grade:

1- Duncan went to loch Ness last Sunday. No, he didn't (He went last Saturday)
2- Duncan wanted to see the lake. No, he didn't. He wanted to see the monster. 
3- Duncan watched a TV programme. No he didn't. He watched a film about Nessie.
4- Duncan visited the Loch Ness shop. No, he didn't. He Visitied the Loch Ness Museum.
5- Duncan have a boring time. No, he didn't. He had a really great time. 

Solutions questions 6th grade:

1- Did Jenner save many lives? Yes, he did.
2- Did he live from 1749 to 1823? Yes, he did.
3- Did he live in a castle? No, he didn't. (he lived in a small village)
4- Did he like watching birds? Yes, he did.
5- Did he travel in a plane? No, he didn't (the planes weren't invented).
6. Did he travel in a hot air balloon? Yes, he did.

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