Sunday, 17 December 2017

Welsh colours and numbers

Hi everybody!
These are the two videos that we have used to learn the vocabulary.
You can practise with them!!


Hi everybody!
We have just finished an amazing project about the celt civilization.
It has been soooo interesting and exciting....
We have learnt about its history, music and dancing, symbols, religion, legends and myths, gods...
and, of course, some of the Welsh vocabulary that comes from the celtic roots!!

2n grade coloring celtic mandalas 

Dancing celtic folk music
Practising celtic knots with the big ones!!

Telling celtic stories and legends...
This was the King Arthur legend. We talked about kings, queens and knights.
We talked about Merlin and Excalibour and we learnt the colours in Welsh.

Michael came to tell us one fantastic legend about the Welsh red dragon. They all were fascinated with the story.
Thanks a lot Michael!!
1st grade listening to Michael

4th graders listening to Michael

3rd graders working with the numbers in Welsh