Thursday, 12 February 2015


Hi everybody !!
Our school became crazy today with the Saint Valentine's letters for all our primary pupils!!
Great job making  these cards for a secret friend!
Congratulations to everyone.... I hope you all have enjoyed the activity!

Here you can see the pics!
Fantastic :)

2nd Grade

6th Grade
5th Grade

5th Grade
2nd Grade

1st Grade

 Saint Valentine's cards
5th Grade

Fabio from 6th Grade
2nd Grade

Miquel and Elsa with the cards !! Sooo many!
3rd Grade
Andreu and Candela. 4th Grade
5th Grade
Raquel and William 2nd Grade
4th Grade

Aina and Maria throwing the card at school

4th Grade

Miquel and Lluis de 6th Grade

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Saint Valentine's

February is the month of friendship in our school!
Here you have some beautiful poems to make your letter!!
Go ahead!!

Geometric shapes!

Hi everybody!
We are learning very much about geometric figures! They know almost all the geometric shapes and also, in second cycle, they're making tangrams!! Fantastic!
See the fantastic resoults!

Tangrams 3rd Grade

And this is 1st Grade activity: they're making big houses with geometric shapes! very hard!