Tuesday, 28 June 2022


 Hi everyone!!

We want to share with all of you our leading project during the school year!

It has been amazing learning a little more about our island and, specially, about the defense towers that surround the coast line of it.

You can't imagine how incredible the history of this constructions are. We have learnt the stories about towers, kings, castles, pirates, legends, battlements, ghosts...

We have learnt about construction of towers, their architects like Joan Binimelis, who designed the communication between the towers, the name of the towers, where are they located, the parts of the towers...

We have also learnt about fearsome corsairs, battlements, pirates ships and how the people of the island defended and protected their land and their life...

 Defense towers presentation

Joan Binimelis 

 First, we presented the power points and then they had to locate the towers in a map.

1st and 2nd drawing pirates ships

3rd and 4rth doing the posters with the tablets

 We have learnt the parts of a tower and their use.


 We have made fantastic towers with play-doh

And also the big ones!

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